In 2023, the Iranian Society of Queensland came on board as a sponsor of Multicultural Australia’s LUMINOUS Lantern Parade.

President, Michael Kavian, told us how thrilled they were to partner with Multicultural Australia as they share the same values in promoting inclusion and making a “positive difference in the lives of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.”

With more than 250 Queenslanders of Iranian heritage present at LUMINOUS, Mr Kavian, who has volunteered at the event for many years, said he along with the members of his organisation were determined to demonstrate their support for their fellow Iranians and “give them the encouragement to follow their dreams.”

“The ISQ slogan is ‘One home, one community, one dream.’ And I think that’s very applicable in the wider society as well. We want to convey the message of inclusion, respect for our differences, different views.”