Long-time LUMINOUS volunteer, Daniel Segura, is looking forward to participating in Queensland’s largest welcome event, along with other members of his family, who have made volunteering at LUMINOUS a Segura tradition!

The Segura family have called Queensland their home since 1997, and true to their family name – Segura which means safe or secure in Latin – Daniel takes to heart the importance of a safe and welcoming environment for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

“Events like Luminous are pretty dear to our [family’s] hearts. But even more closely, personally, as my current employer is Thrive Refugee Enterprise – and we’re very privileged to work closely with and see the work that Multicultural Australia does,” Daniel said.

“It’s lined up with Queensland day, so it’s about all Queenslanders and how we all contribute and make the great society that we live in.”

For several years, Daniel has led the LUMINOUS survey team and also engaged his family to help raise funds for the parade to support the work of creating welcome and belonging.