Multicultural Australia welcomes the launch of the Multicultural Framework Review as part of national efforts to strengthen social cohesion in Australia.

The review will ensure that Australia’s multicultural policies and institutional arrangements cater to the needs of our fast-growing cultural diversity.

Multicultural Australia Board Chair, Giri Sivaraman, has welcomed the announcement about the Review and congratulated Multicultural Australia’s CEO, Christine Castley on her appointment to the Expert Review Panel.

“We are very pleased to hear of Christine’s appointment and have full confidence that she will bring with her the voices and ideas of our community to help build a strong, resilient and multicultural Australia,” said Mr Sivaraman.

“Multicultural Australia has been caring for culturally and linguistically diverse communities for 25 years. In that time, we have gained an understanding of the unique and diverse needs of our clients and community and can share the lived experiences of those we engage with, to create policies that reflect the communities they intend to serve.”

“We look forward to contributing to the Review, and engaging in the very important conversations that need to happen about how we can best meet the growing diversity of needs in our society, to ensure that we care for every individual regardless of who they are or where they come from.”

In early February 2023, the Australian Government announced its plan to assess the fitness of current policies and institutions designed to serve culturally diverse Australians.

The 2021 Census revealed that Australia’s population is now predominantly of migrant background, with more than half of Australians either born overseas or with one parent born overseas.

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