My name is Workneh Engida.

My wife, Yeshi Belihu is the chef at our beautiful restaurant, Yeshi Buna.

Yeshi Buna is on Beaudesert Road, Moorooka, a suburb six kilometres south of Brisbane City.

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Buna means coffee in Amharic. Yeshi Buna translates to Yeshi’s Coffee.

We have many different condiments that are essential for a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony in our restaurant and we occasionally hold these traditional ceremonies at Yeshi Buna. Coffee started in Ethiopia and is a very prominent part of its culture. It was discovered in a region called Kafa, that is why almost everyone calls it ‘Coffee’. There are many restaurants and coffee houses in Ethiopia.

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We arrived in Australia on Australia Day 1999, and we love to celebrate our arrival to this beautiful country with Australia Day celebrations.

We started Yeshi Buna 9 years ago and we have continued to serve our traditional Ethiopian cuisine and fine cultural coffee. It is a great place for people to get together, enjoy good food and conversation. We also take great pleasure in showing Australians the side of Ethiopia that the world doesn’t often portray; the beautiful and wholesome side.

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P: (07) 3392 8893
M: 0423 746 634

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Shop 1, 131 Beaudesert Road
Moorooka, QLD 4105