We’re all human right? You. Me. That’s what unites us. Even though we might come from different places or different cultures, the one thing that we all have in common is our humanity.

That’s a pretty solid foundation to build on when we think about how we grow together as neighbours, as communities, and as a nation looking to create the right conditions for all of us to thrive.

Humans are storytellers. Apparently we’ve been doing it since forever, to make sense and meaning of our world, to connect our personal experiences with others, to find belonging.

Each and every one of us has a unique story to tell. At Multicultural Australia, we’re committed to raising the voices of Australians from refugee, migrant or other diverse backgrounds so that the wider community can hear first hand about their lives, their experiences and the contributions they are making to our nation.

So we are thrilled to be a sponsor of the In My Country Podcast which launched on World Refugee Day in June, 2020. The premiere season of In My Country shares the first-hand stories of six Aussies who came to Australia as a refugee or person seeking asylum. Conversations delve into “identity, religion, sexuality, the arts, parenting, culture, fashion, meaning, purpose, and the many places we call home.”

In My Country Facebook Cover

In My Country was created by Multicultural Australia alumni Pia Perversi-Burchall and Adam Wood. They have created this important platform grounded in the strong sense of humility, ethics and justice that they have brought to their work supporting refugees to settle in Queensland. You can read their story about creating In My Country and the diligence they have brought to enabling these remarkable Aussies to share their stories safely.

By supporting In My Country, Multicultural Australia hopes that listeners find insight and inspiration from the incredible lives, stories and experience of refugees and people seeking asylum who call Australia home.

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