May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, which is incredibly timely given the increased incidents of domestic and family violence as a result of Coronavirus.

Our friend and artist Erfan Daliri wrote this piece about gendered violence and we’re so pleased to share it as part of the Culture of Connection campaign. It was performed with Allara Pattison at the Byron Bay theatre in 2019.

Click the image to watch the video.

Erfan Daliri

Here’s Erfan’s words on the meaning of the work:

“A spoken-word piece about the power, the patience and forbearance of women. Gendered violence is a thing, it is not just a small proportion of our society, but the violence is inherent in our social structures, in our politics, in our film, arts and media… …the sooner we accept and acknowledge this the sooner we can address and remedy the situation. We can all live in a kinder, more compassionate world if we commit ourselves to co-creating it.”

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