Multicultural Australia is excited to introduce Culturability Accreditation, designed to promote cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This new workplace accreditation provides a comprehensive and authentic approach to diversity and inclusion, allowing organisations to demonstrate their commitment to creating a sense of belonging for both their staff and customers.

According to CEO Christine Castley, Culturability Accreditation has the power to revolutionise the way we work by creating workplaces that are equitable, inclusive, and welcoming. “Through rigorous consultation with our clients, partners, and community leaders, we have created an affordable framework that allows organisations to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals and communities.”

Designed for businesses of any size from any sector, accreditation is based on five standards and includes assessment and journey support to help organisations increase their cultural capability and create a meaningful sense of belonging for everyone they engage with. As Ms Castley notes, “The standards are critical in creating a safe and welcoming organization where all people feel a sense of belonging.”

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Multicultural Australia is dedicated to changing the conversation on cultural diversity and social cohesion across the country. With a mission create belonging to promote and celebrate diversity in all its forms, Multicultural Australia offers a wide range of services, including settlement support, employment assistance, and community engagement programs.