Brisbane Lions in the Community

The Brisbane Lions values and contributes to the broader community.

Our club values of Committed, Care, Connected and Elite performance guides how we choose to engage with our communities.

The Brisbane Lions are passionate about supporting causes and communities to make a difference.

We engage in Indigenous and Multicultural communities, deliver education in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, and nutrition, as well as collaborating to influence change in a range of social areas.

About the Brisbane Lions

The Brisbane Lions are a professional sports club that has teams that compete in the AFL (Australian Football League) and AFLW (Australian Football League Women’s) competitions.

The Brisbane Lions were formed on 4 July, 1996, when the AFL approved a merger between the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions.

The club was officially launched on 1 November 1996 and joined the national competition in 1997.

It was the first union of two clubs in VFL/AFL history – the perfect combination of an emerging force, full of youthful enthusiasm and energy, with a proud foundation club, overloaded with history and tradition.

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About AFL

Essentially, AFL is about two opposing teams attempting to kick goals and finish the match with the biggest points score.

A goal is scored when the football is kicked through the tall, inner posts (the goalposts) and it is worth six points.

If the football goes between a goalpost and either of the shorter outer posts (the behind posts), a behind is scored and one point is added to that team’s tally.

The action continues through four quarters and for close to two hours.

This brochure explains AFL in 31 languages!

Want to play?

Our game is for all shapes and sizes. Whether you are tall or short, fast or slow, there is a place for you. There are also other opportunities to learn new skills and umpire and coach too.

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