“The program helps me to learn computer skills, which can help me apply for a job and learn more.”

For Mary Yoasa Joseph, originally from South Sudan, not being able to use a computer and find the online information she needed, caused her great worry.

“Sometimes I wanted to access information online and I had to ask my kids for help and they are usually very busy which causes me some stress,” Mary said.

“For me, it’s really important to learn the skills to reduce my stress by not having to ask the kids who are also busy.”
Multicultural Australia Community Development Worker, Grace Samuel, works one-on-one with Mary to equip her with digital literacy skills that make life easier.

“The digital literacy program helps refugees develop computer skills, to help them apply for jobs online, access services, respond to correspondence or search for information,” Grace said.

“It is a very good program for the community. As they learn, it empowers them to access for themselves instead of someone having to help them.”

“I can see that my clients who were so stressed are now happy.”

“They are able to get the information [they need] and support at any time.”

Now equipped with computer literacy skills, Mary has gained confidence.

“Thanks to the program, I have increased my knowledge about computers, and I have also learned more about relevant community programs,” Mary said.