Multicultural Australia (MA) has made good progress bringing our systems and applications back online following a cyber incident on 3 July 2021.

This includes the restoration of our key corporate systems, as well as reinstatement of many of the integrations between applications supporting our business processes.

MA continues to partner with third-party incident response and threat eradication specialists to ensure integrity across our digital environment, and we have taken rigorous measures to identify, contain and eradicate the threats responsible.

We continue to work closely with leading external technical and forensic advisors to respond to the incident. We have also instructed external legal advisors to assist from a privacy and data protection perspective. While our investigation and assessment of this incident is ongoing, at this stage we have no information which suggests that any information held on our systems has been taken or misused.

We are proud of the dedication shown by our staff in ensuring we remain operational and continue to serve our clients and community since the incident occurred.

We are looking ahead and focused on delivering our mission and meeting our strategic priorities in 2021 and beyond.