An online Youth Forum this Friday, 29 May aims to respond to the unique challenges that COVID-19 has presented for diverse Australian young people.

Youth leaders organising the forum are members of the Youth Voice group and the Future Leaders Advocacy Group that speak up for issues impacting culturally diverse young people in Brisbane.

They have highlighted key issues for young people during COVID-19 including mental health, social isolation, struggles with home-schooling, difficulties accessing equipment and data, access to housing, unemployment/underemployment, financial stressors, and domestic and family violence.

The forum, taking place via ZOOM from 5pm to 6.30pm on 29th May invites service providers and representatives of government agencies including Services Australia, the Australian Tax Office, Queensland Health and Multicultural Australia to address some of these impacts of COVID-19, especially regarding financial wellbeing.

Youth Group

The online Youth Forum is just one of a series of online community education sessions being led by community as a response to COVID-19. Find out more about the community education series here.