The COVID-19 Community Information Sessions is a series of online information, training and Q&A sessions, providing communities, especially our multicultural communities, with clear information about Coronavirus and how to access financial and wellbeing support.

These sessions are facilitated by Multicultural Australia in partnership with various specialist organisations including QPASTT, Refugee Health Network, World Wellness Group, Services Australia and Transcultural Mental Health.

Sessions are delivered through ZOOM and will run for approximately one hour, which includes time for questions and answers.

We offer a ‘technology walk through’ session on 22 April 2020 and 28 April 2020 to explain how to setup and access Zoom on your smartphone or other device.

A summary of key points discussed will be published on this page following each session.

Find out more including session topics, guest presenters and how to register HERE.

Culture of Connection invites communities and organisations across Australia to record and share with us your unique experiences, your stories, your creativity and your messages of hope and resilience through these extraordinary circumstances.

In turn, we’ll share them with our community of 40,000 people across social media and e-news.

Your story might just be the one that gets someone else through this time. Read our guide for ideas to share and how to submit your story.