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Partners for change

In December, members of the Suncorp Executive team, lead by David Carter, CEO for Banking and Wealth, volunteered for a day at Multicultural Australia. They met with 22 of our clients, providing coaching and information around employability, job readiness and tips for how clients could achieve their employment aspirations.

The Suncorp Executive team were profoundly moved by the resilience and stories they heard from our clients.

“I was blown away by the resilience the people I met possess.”

“The stories are very powerful. I tried to imagine myself doing what [the client] did at the age of 14, I wouldn’t have been capable. They need to get that character strength across early in their CV.”


Multicultural Australia clients had an opportunity to network with the Suncorp Executive team and understand the perspectives of employers, participate in mock interviews and learn about the best use of LinkedIn to connect with potential employers.  Our clients had a range of qualifications and skills in a variety of fields including, finance, IT, law and administration and they found the opportunity to meet with the Suncorp Executives very helpful.  Some of the feedback from clients included:

"I agree, I have never been able to meet executives and sit down and have a chat with them."

"Linked in is a useful tool, I never thought I would need it but in the Australian Job market it will be very useful."

"I am usually a person that is introverted and I don’t talk to many people in general, today was an opportunity to really get out of my shell."

"I can see how this experience today has the potential to help get where I want to be."

After their experience, the Suncorp Executive team is talking about establishing a pilot "diversity program", with the potential for our clients to spend up to two years working with Suncorp, rotating between teams every 6-months to gain a diverse range of experience.

The challenge for Multicultural Australia is to make this feasible for Suncorp's supervising staff.  How can we support such a program's design and delivery to reduce the additional operational management burden for Suncorp to support clients in the program.  Do you have some big ideas on how we could achieve this? Let us know!



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Acknowledgement of country
We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands on which we meet, work and live and recognise that this land has always been and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.


Multicultural Australia respects and values Australia’s First Nation peoples’ enormous resilience, courage, determination and often unrecognized contributions to this country’s social and economic development. We walk together in solidarity in the shared pain of the past and with shared hope for the future.