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The choice is ours | Take a stand against COVID-19 racism

The Coronavirus pandemic is a major event in contemporary history and we are all being challenged by its economic and social consequences.  When we look back on major moments in history we can define a society by how it responds. 

All of us can make a choice right now about how Coronavirus defines us.

Across social media and the news, we are all saying we will get through this together.  But on those very same platforms we see racist comments blaming people for Coronavirus.  We see news of Asian Australians being verbally and physically attacked in the community and indeed being targeted in their own homes.

It’s easy to scroll past headlines but how can any of us ignore the human cost of this behaviour?  When family homes become targets for racist graffiti and children feel afraid to sleep at night, how can any of us stand by?  We can do better than that.  We must do better.

We have the choice right now, in this moment, about which path we take. Do we take the path of fear that recklessly assigns blame where it is unfounded and undeserved?  Or do we remember that we are all human, we are neighbours, we are fellow Australians, and the standard we walk past is the standard we accept.

Whether the people committing acts of racism are motivated by fear or malice, they do not speak for us.  Let us show them that.  Let us take action. 

If each and every one of us raises our voice we can drown out the minority who are choosing the path of fear and ignorance.

Calling out this behaviour is simple, but it takes courage.

We can call out racist comments in our social groups and on social media. 

We can write to our political leaders and our newspapers and tell them we stand for unity and humanity. 

We can support our local Asian Australian businesses and neighbours and ask them how we can help.

And we can report incidents of racism to the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Queensland Human Rights Commission

We can get through this together if we make the right choice.  The courageous choice.

All of us can make the choice to stand up against racism strongly and safely.

You can pledge to take a stand with us at

We will send you links to resources and tools that can help us all take action in our daily lives to ensure no one is a victim of racism.

The choice is ours.  Let us stand together.


Media contact:

Sarah Pember 0422 089 628

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